Why Is Serverless-Websockets-Plugin "Archived"?

Hi, is the serverless-websockets-plugin (https://github.com/serverless/serverless-websockets-plugin) deprecated already?

The example is broken and needs to be updated, but I can’t post any issues or open PR’s…

I don’t understand why the serverless team would just kill the project like this… :thinking:


The serverless-websockets-plugin has been deprecated because the features have been integrated directly into the core of the Serverless Framework (starting with version 1.38) as indicated in the latest issue of the repository.

As to why it was in the form of a plugin originally, it is because WebSocket APIs (which were released back at re:Invent 2018) did not have initial CloudFormation support. The temporary solution was therefore to offer support in the form of a plugin (which is no longer needed).

You can also look at the official documentation of the Framework regarding WebSockets to get started.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

As teddy already said, we no longer need the plugin. Its all available in the core of the framework

Thanks @teddy-gustiaux and @garethmcc!!

I am still somewhat confused, but now I understand that I was looking at old articles. It is unfortunate that a google search for “Serverless Websockets” brings up all the older blog posts! Possibly, someone from the Serverless team could add a callout that this guide is outdated and link to the newer ones you have provided here?

I probably should have looked through the issues, but I didn’t even bother because I figured the repo was archived so people couldn’t ask questions anyway. In my opinion that closed issue deprecation notice is nowhere near as __ as it should be. It should be front and center at the top of the README in bold letters the way it is in countless other deprecated READMEs.

If you leave the repo the way it is currently, you will most likely get simpletons like me asking questions here because they are super confused. :pray: :heart:

@teddy-gustiaux @garethmcc Thanks for updating the README with a deprecation notice! It would also be great if the blog article that keeps being linked to contained some link to the full source code.

I would like to see what the full “connectHandler” code looks like for all the handler functions. Currently, it only has one loose snippet of sending a message to a client. Can you please point me to some example implementation of “connectionHandler”, “fooHandler”, “disconnectHandler”, and “defaultHandler” and also add some link(s) to this in the blog post? :pray:

Thanks! :heart: :fire: :rocket:

Are there any samples for the implementation of these handler functions? :thinking: