Websocket got deleted by serverless deploy and no endpoint is recreated

Hello - I’ve been using the serverless framework happily for over 2 years - practically daily.

However, today a mundane and unrelated deployment of my stack caused the deletion of an existing websocket endpoint on the API Gateway (the REST APIs thankfully remained unharmed).

I have two questions / issues with this:
1/ I have no explanation for this unexpected deletion of the endpoint - and I need to know why this happened to make 100% this cannot happen in production.

2/ When I redeploy, the stack now does not create a new websocket endpoint on the API Gateway. There’s an unexplained rollback and deletion of some resource on the API Gateway and no wss (or ws) endpoint printed out at the end of the deployment (and of course none created).

I suspect that the deployment is hitting something that prevents it from creating the endpoint but there’s no error message whatsoever - no matter what I do to try and debug this.

I am using v1.69.0

Please advise. Thank you.