Why does serverless framework not include package.json for aws-nodejs template

When trying to create a new serverless project using the cli

sls create -t aws-nodejs -p testfolder

Serverless framework creates:

  1. handler.js
  2. serverless.yml
  3. .gitignore

Why doesn’t a package.json be included and also why is only a package-lock.json file created / generated when installing npm packages e.g lodash

Running the following:

npm install --save lodash

only creates a node_module folder and a package-lock.json file. There is no package.json file. Trying to understand why as this is not the case with:

sls create -t aws-nodejs-typescript -p test
nvm: 0.39.1
node: v14.19.3
npm: 6.14.17


Framework Core: 3.21.0
Plugin: 6.2.2
SDK: 4.3.2

Thank you for taking the time to read this.