Where to find sample project using v1.0

I’m working a a new project that hopefully will be made using serverless, however im having trouble finding a sample repo where i can start learning, most of the material I found is using v0.5 which varies alot from the current release.

My question is: Is there any public repository of a project currently being developed using serverless v1.0

Im particulary interested in learning:

how to organize the code,
whats the best way to share code between functions
how to share aws resources between functions (elastic cache, RDS aurora)
whats the best approach to handle testing
What CI/CD is most fit to use with serverless.

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I would also like to see sample project with best practices for v1.0 It seems that every project out there is written using 0.* versions.

Example with Unit tests and CI integration would be great, something with Mocha & Chai.


A sample projet with some sign up/ sign in/ authentication logic would be great.

We’ve just open sourced a yeoman generator for our services. It’s very new so it might have issues. But it solves three main problems for us:

  • Installing serverless locally not globally
  • Environment variables support
  • Deployments to travis

Take a look and let us know what you think. We’d appreciate any feedback that you have.

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I just tested your generator, it’s pretty nice. Snyk tool was new to me, I always asked myself how they secure all those npm dependencies.

It would be nice too see a feature for generating authentication for serverless service via AWS or Firebase, cause they offer that for free :slight_smile:

@ivanderbu2 I agree that it would be great if there were open source services that people could just drop into their environment. I don’t want to make that part of this generator as I want it to be suitable for all types of services.

We open sourced our policy generator for api gateway. It’s not specific to AWS, Firebase or Auth0. It just helps create your policy document. I hope that helps.

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