Want to forward the apigateway logging to amazon firehose stream instead of logroup

I am trying to forward apigateway access logs to a fire hose arn instead of the default logroup.
What would be the parameter for that:
right now i tried this and did not work…
logRetentionInDays: 3
roleManagedExternally: true
executionLogging: false
accessLogging: true
DestinationArn: “arn:aws:firehose:{region}:${env:AWS_ACCOUNT_ID}:deliverystream/amazon-
apigateway- stream”
format: ‘{ “requestId”:“$context.requestId”, “apiId”: “$context.apiId”, “identity.apiKeyId”:
“$context.identity.apiKeyId”, “stage”: “$context.stage”}’
apiName: test-${env:SLS_STAGE}