Unable to configure access logging for externally managed AWS apigateway

Hi, I was just wondering if it is possible to configure access logs for AWS apigateway through serverless framework. The behaviour which I noticed is

  1. If you do not have apigateway config in provider section of serverless.yml file then serverless creates required apigateway stage as well as “access logging” by default unless explicitly turned off.

  2. If you do have apigateway config in provider section which is our case then serverless ignores any configuration. we have provider section something like this -

    name: aws
        role: arn:aws:iam::#{AWS::AccountId}:role/api-gateway-role
        roleManagedExternally: true
    runtime: nodejs10.x
    stage: ${opt:stage}
      description: API Gateway for ${self:provider.stage}
      restApiId: ${ssm:/prefix/${self:provider.stage}/API_GATEWAY_ID}}
      restApiRootResourceId: ${ssm:/prefix/${self:provider.stage}/API_GATEWAY_ROOT_RESOURCE_ID}}
      metrics: true

Please suggest.