Using Next.js and Serverless together (SSR, react, HMR)

I am currently working on a showcase/tutorial to put Next.js and Serverless together and could use some help.

I reached a point where I have a working development environment, but the deployed package on AWS is failing. I opened an issue at Next.js & Serverless - Errors once deployed to AWS 路 Issue #4772 路 serverless/serverless 路 GitHub and could definitely use some help, I鈥檝e been trying to figure it out for hours now, without success. :confused:

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I fixed more bugs and got new ones, could use some help again :slight_smile:

I have some kind of URL mismatch due to the staging part of the url (dev) which isn鈥檛 used by Next.js and it goes looking for files at the wrong path.