Support for OpenFaaS


Hi there,

I have been following the Serverless framework on and off for a while and really like the way it abstracts away implementations towards an almost vendor-independent FAAS platform.

In this same vein, I was wondering if there are any plans to support OpenFAAS, which is based on Docker and either Swarm or Kubernetes:

They seem to have been exploding this year and although still a bit immature, perhaps, sounds like a good candidate for cheap, self-hosted Faas solutions.

Any thoughts, anyone’s got some experience with it?



Hey @batjko, we’re working on an OpenFaaS integration right now! Stay tuned for updates, but I’m hopeful it will be out before the end of the year.


That’s awesome, looking forward to trying it out then…
Thanks for the quick response!


Hey @batkjo, Alex here - creator of OpenFaaS. We have a really well thought-out CLI that works in a very similar way to the serverless CLI and is written in Go which makes it super fast, it also uses YAML. @alexdebrie1 is right that we also have a provider for the Serverless Inc CLI in progress.

Checkout our official CLI here - and the beginner tutorial here -


Thanks for your response, @alexellis.
At my work, we’re forced to stay away from any kind of vendor lock-in, to be “cloud-deployable” in any country (even those where the big three aren’t present for whatever reason), so in order to make use of lambdas/faas of some kind, a Serverless/OpenFaaS combination would be a really sweet one.


I too am looking for a plugin for an on-premise Kubernetes cluster; I tried kubeless, but it’s too buggy, and doesn’t support python 3.6. Looking forward to OpenFaas!


Hello @alexdebrie1, searching for FaaS on on-prem Openshift took me here. It would be really interesting to use Serverless framework on OpenFaaS (being a user of Serverless on AWS previously). Do you have a view on when this will be available, or atleast directions to a work in progress project where we can pitch in? Thanks