SNS Subscription with FIlter



I would like to subscribe a lambda to an existing Topic, but I don’t want to trigger my lambda on all messages. I know how to apply filter to subscription by AWS Console, but I have no idea how to deploy it by serverless.
Can anyone help me with that?



@maciek.miekus SNS subscription filter policies are only new to AWS. It’s going to take a while before they’re supported by Serverless. Given that they don’t seem to be supported by CloudFormation it may be a longer wait than usual.


Thanks @buggy for the prompt response, I will try to solve it with AWS CLI.


Is there already an issue open for this so that I can see when you guys are able to implement this?


There’s now a plugin for that!



It’s been over a year, sorry for bringing this back from the dead but is there any existing support for this? Alternatively, a link to a tracking issue or an example Resource config would be great.



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