SNS subscription failed silently

This was a 1st occurrence to me, but very annoying one. After testing a SNS-triggered lambda on one stage, I deployed it to another stage. No errors, all good. SNS topic created, permissions ok.

But when publishing SNS notifications to its subscribed topic, the lambda wouldn’t fire. I inspected all deployment and CF logs and everything was good. I repeated the deploy, all the same.

The lambda in question is triggered by both HTTP (via lambda-proxy) and SNS events. The HTTP events were working fine.

Only after manually subscribing (via console) the lambda to the correctly created SNS topic, it started firing.

I’m very worried that this is not as reliable as I expected. Anybody had any similar issue?

Having the same lambda being triggered by HTTP/lambda-proxy and SNS an issue?

Also, whenever I go to the “Triggers” tab for any SNS-triggered lambda on the AWS web console, I get a “Could not list sns event sources.” message, although they do work as expected (exception to the one cited above).

Please help, this is very worrying. I’m using 1.1.0

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I’m experiencing the same problem. Some of my SNS subscriptions work, others don’t. No discernible pattern. Any ideas anyone?