Sls package zip

Hi, I need help here related to sls package or file zipping validation.
In my serverless.yml I am referencing functions like this:

   some_func: ${file(some_package.yml)}

and in the some_functions.yml:

    - '!./**'
    - some_functions/
    - some_functions/
    - some_functions/

Now if by any chance for the files mentioned above if I forget the extension .py, I want a way for it to be validated. Currently, it simply doesn’t pick such files as according to it, the file is not there.
Eg: if I give the filename as some_functions/lambda_handler, it will not add as well, which causes lambda failure.

I hope my question and requirements are clear, if not please let me know. I want it to be validated and if possible log the files that it is zipping with status found or not found