Sls login not working

I seem to unable to use sls login to login into platform. Has this functionality been removed from the CLI ?

My Environment info is :
Your Environment Information -----------------------------
OS: linux
Node Version: 8.12.0
Serverless Version: 1.36.3

I was wondering whether the upgrade to 1.36.3 removed platfom login ?

When I checked the list of available functions i.e. sls --help
I notice that login command is no longer listed?

Has this command been removed? According to the documentation it should still be there

With version 1.36.2 and higher there is a change in how sls login works. You need to install the Enterprise Plugin. Instructions are here. The good news is that by doing so you will be rewarded with a bunch of new features in your dashboard:

Serverless Insights—metrics and alerts. Serverless Insights help you monitor and optimize your serverless applications.
Serverless Safeguards—operational and security best practices. Serverless Safeguards performs policy checks when you run sls deploy

More details on those new features can be found here.

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