Login stalls at CLI

I’m unable to login from the command line.
OS: Darwin
Node Version: 10.15.3
Serverless Version: 1.45.1

After entering sls login, CLI shows the following: Serverless Enterprise: Logging you in via your default browser..., browser (Safari) opens and I login to the dashboard. After authentication completes, the command line is stuck at Serverless Enterprise: Logging you in via your default browser... and doesn’t progress any further. If I cancel and try again, while logged in via the browser, same thing happens.

How do I progress past this point? I’m unable to test or deploy.


I’m also facing the same issue. Any way to fix it?

It seems this is the issue with the Safari browser.

You can run following command to open login in Chrome. This works for me.

BROWSER=/Applications/Google\ Chrome.app/Contents/MacOS/Google\ Chrome sls login

It seems like the issue is still happening to me even after setting the default browser to Chrome. Any other fixes?

Try npx serverless login or npx sls login rather than sls login or serverless login