Sls deploy fails, Lambda::EventSourceMapping resource does not exist

Hello. I’m working on a serverless project my organization started months ago with a different developers working on it. It looks like they had manually provisioned a lot of the resources themselves instead of defining them in serverless.yml. In some cases, such as the rds instance, they had to. This makes it a little hard to debug, however.

sls deploy -v with SLS_DEBUG=* enabled is producing the following error:

ServerlessError: An error occurred: ProcessChangeEventSourceMappingSQSDatadistributordemo - The resource you requested does not exist. (Service: Lambda, Status Code: 404, Request ID: a4ab1842-0f1e-4175-905a-e75af2fbb84a, Extended Request ID: null).

I am not sure what could be causing this. When I check the CloudFormation stack, the EventSourceMapping is definitely there. It’s also there in the Lambda. How would I go about correcting this? Please let me know if you need to see anything else.

Thanks - we are very new to this technology.

For anyone who might care about this issue, it self-resolved somehow the following day. Today, it is again occurring. I am not sure why. I think that my only choice at this point is to sls remove and redeploy. I would still love someone to provide some insight into this issue.