Unmodified aws lambdas being deployed as part of "serverless deploy"

Very often I need to make small changes in my resources and deploy my AWS stack. To do so I modify the resource definition and run “sls deploy”.

I have noticed that even when the change was not affecting lambdas at all, the zip containing the lambda code is uploaded and the cloudformation stack updates every lambda in the serverless.yml file. This takes time, so I am wondering whether it is possible for the serverless framework to detect that there were no changes in the lambda code and avoid updating them when that is the case.

If no code/yml changes happen the deployment should stop. If thats not the case check the version of framework it at the latest.

If you modify anything in serverless.yml you must run a full sls deploy to deploy the changes.

For faster deploys of just code changes, you can run sls deploy function -f NameOfFunction and it will just zip up code and be much faster than full deploy

If I don’t modify anything (code or yml), as you said, “sls deploy” does not do anything. My concern is when I just modify a resource in the yml definition (which has nothing to do with lambda). In that case when I “sls deploy” every lambda is redeployed (so a new version of the lambda is created in AWS) with exactly the same code as it had before.

Yeah it creates new versions (If I recall correctly) and cleans up older ones.

Out of curiosity, what is your concern with this? =)

I think you can disable this with this flag https://serverless.com/framework/docs/providers/aws/guide/functions/#versioning-deployed-functions

It’s good to know about that flag, thanks! I have already had problems with old versions of my functions taking too much space.

But my concern was mainly the amount of time that every deployment has to spend first uploading the zip file with the code and then creating new lambda versions for each lambda in the serverless.yml file. This happens regardless of whether those lambdas were modified. Unfortunately I believe that the versionFunctions flag does not address this problem, it just avoids keeping old versions of the functions hanging there.

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I’m having the same problem here.

Even if nothing is changed, I’m spending 1-2 minutes of my CI/CD pipelines just re-uploading things and updating the stack.

I was equally annoyed by this. It’s time consuming, and it’s needlessly filling my deployment bucket. I roll out lots of infra through my serverless.yml and regularly update those resources without touching Lambda code.

For the longest time I saw the warning that Serverless wasn’t allowed to “GetFunction”, so I gave it those permissions, assuming that would solve it. After all, GetFunction will return a hash of the function body, so with that, I figured it would know enough not to upload it needlessly. But it seems it’s still doing it.