Setting up SES rule for interaction with S3?

Anyone have words of wisdom for setting an ses rule? Fairly new to sls framework after studying amplify.

I am working through Nathan Glover’s excellent example here and have hit a roadblock. I could swear I ran it last year while testing and had no issues.

The error I am getting is “default-rule-set” not created. The email is verified and I was under impression this snippet creates the rule.

Type: AWS::SES::ReceiptRule
RuleSetName: default-rule-set
Name: {self:custom.SES_RULE_SET_NAME} Enabled: true Recipients: - {self:custom.SES_RULE_SET_EMAIL}
- S3Action:
BucketName: { Ref: S3BucketFoo } # this has to be a mix of upper case and lower case due to resource naming requirements?
ObjectKeyPrefix: “”