Aws SES doesn't work in Production, but work in SLS_Offline

Hi everybody,

I am coding a lambda with nodejs.
In this lambda there is an email sending with aws SES, everything works with the mode sls_offline but nothing is sent to production … and no error message in CloudWatch.

All permissions are open, the domain is verified, and my SES account is no longer in sandbox.

If anyone could enlighten me because I do not understand why it blocks.

Thank you in advance

Hi @Venturix,
I am also facing the same problem. Please let me know if you found the solution

I met the same problem for sending the email to the addresses not verified in SES.

I had the domain verified either, and if I send the email to the addresses that verified in SES separately, it will receive it, but it needs to take a long time to get it. Otherwise, it won’t receive it without any error message.

Hey @Venturix, I fixed my issue due to that we are trying to make the send email async, so created the async function, we call this async function without await or any promise, so the send email method is not triggered.

So below are our code snippet, before and after
before => sendEmail(user));

Promise.all( => sendEmail(user));