Setting lambdaHashingVersion "20201221" gives version error


I have been deploying a stack for a few days and tried to address the deprecation warning:

Deprecation warning: Resolution of lambda version hashes was improved with better algorithm, which will be used in next major release.
            Switch to it now by setting "provider.lambdaHashingVersion" to "20201221"
            More Info:

Setting “provider.lambdaHashingVersion” to “20201221” resulted in the following error:

An error occurred: GraphqlLambdaVersion4JK3uRK8i3HCRSxfoFYMqIE5hETyRnSDLTsEduDNwA - A version for this Lambda function exists ( 8 ). Modify the function to create a new version…

Removing the lambdaHashingVersion key resolved the error. Not sure if this indicates a problem with the new hashing function.


Do not apply this to already deployed service.



To fix this error you have to make some changes to your code before you deploy.

See: Serverless Framework - Upgrading to v3