Cloudformation update fails due to `LambdaVersion` already exists in stack

Hey there,

after not having touched my project for a while (and possibly several new versions of sls being released in the meantime), I was trying to deploy a minor change in one of my functions.

Now, after running sls deploy -s prod the Cloudformation update always fails with:

CREATE_FAILED: CategoriesLambdaVersion... (AWS::Lambda::Version)
arn:aws:lambda:eu-central-1:..:function:..:65 already exists in stack arn:aws:cloudformation:..

This error is about a different function and of course this other function exists, it has been part of this cloud formation stack for a while and has not changed at all, I’m unsure why sls even tries to update the unrelated function.
Even if I comment out that offending function in my serverless.yml, I will get the same error for the next function in the list, again not the one I am actually updating.

Please help!


❯ sls -v
Framework Core: 3.19.0
Plugin: 6.2.2
SDK: 4.3.2

Mhmm, I was able to force-update everything by changing each linked function in my serverless.yml by at least a line-break in the file.
Oh well…