Set AWS Authorizer entry for ASP.NET Core lambda function serverless.template file

I am trying to set an already existing authorizer function on my .Net Core Web API app. When I use purely aws lambda nodejs, the .yml file to accomplish it, looks like this:

  defaultStage: test
  currentStage: ${opt:stage, self:custom.defaultStage} 
  defaultRegion: us-east-1
  currentRegion: ${opt:region, self:custom.defaultRegion}
  **defaultAuthorizer**: us-east-1:xxxxxxxx:function:TypeToken-test-Authorizer
  **currentAuthorizer**: ${opt:authorizer, self:custom.defaultAuthorizer}

  name: aws
  runtime: nodejs6.10
  stage: ${self:custom.currentStage}
  profile: ${opt:profile, "default"} 
  region: ${self:custom.currentRegion}

    handler: handlerTestAPI.myFunctionName
      - http:
          path: myFunctionName
          method: post
          cors: true
          integration: lambda
            arn: arn:aws:lambda:${self:custom.currentAuthorizer}
            resultTtlInSeconds: 0
            identitySource: method.request.header.Authorization
            type: token

For this case, the ASP.NET Core App serverless.template file is similar to this:

“Resources” : {

"AspNetCoreFunction" : {
  "Type" : "AWS::Serverless::Function",
  "Properties": {
    "Handler": "Test.API::Project.API.LambdaEntryPoint::FunctionHandlerAsync",
    "Runtime": "dotnetcore2.1",
    "CodeUri": "",
    "MemorySize": 256,
    "Timeout": 30,
    "Role": null,
    "Policies": [ "AWSLambdaFullAccess" ],
    "Environment" : {
      "Variables" : {
        "TestTable" : { "Fn::If" : ["CreateProjectTable", {"Ref":"ProjectTable"}, { "Ref" : "ProjectTableName" } ] }
    "Events": {
      "PutResource": {
        "Type": "Api",
        "Properties": {
          "Path": "/{proxy+}",
          "Method": "ANY"

I have searched for templates where an existing authorizer is set on top of a .net core
serverless function using serverless.template file, but haven’t found one yet.
May you tell me how to include the configuration entries so I can set the already existing authorizer for my API endpoint in the serverless.template file?

Thanks for the help