Authorizer not created

serverless doesn’t seem to add the authorizer to my api gateway. I’ve tried creating the auth function in serverless, as well as pointing to the arn, however, neither time does it end up in the cloudformation file, therefore, never showing up in my api gateway deployment. I’ve tried deleting the stack and completely re-creating with no such luck. Below is the function in my serverless.yml:

    handler: lambda/apps.list
      - http:
          path: "{version}/apps/"
          method: get
	  authorizer: arn:aws:lambda:us-east-1:xxxxxxxxx:function:auth-jwt:prod

You’ve got a tab on the authorizer line - is that intentional? If it’s like that in your serverless.yml then it’s probably going to be ignored (it should be all spaces).

Wow, that’s not how it looked in my UI at all. It’d sure be nice if serverless threw warnings on unexpected items in the yaml.