Serverless-offline hot reloading only works partially

Hello everyone!

I am developing an application for a very early stage startup. So early that I haven’t even had to touch the production environment yet. I am experienced at backend development in general, but new to the serverless architecture, the framework and this particular job, so I’m still figuring things out in general.

I use serverless-offline, Node.js, and Docker. I have set up docker-compose.yml and Dockerfile to autoreload whenever I save a file in my editor. However, that only works for files in the ./src/functions directory, which are directly imported by serverless.ts. Some of those files import others from the ./src/lib directory, and changes there do not seem to be autoreloaded.

Any suggestions?

Just wondering to narrow down the root cause, have you tried running app without docker-compose ? And what is the behavior with that ?