Serverless offline commands is not running the server properly & API hits gives 502 (BAD GATEWAY)

I am running a serverless project build with AWS . The project is having multiple services and every service is having multiple functions for which there are APIs. I am trying to set-up the project on my local and run a service. I am using serverless offline to run the service on my local. The command serverless offline is not running the service completely as I am not able to see the message Server ready: http://localhost:3000 🚀 on console but it only listing the APIs endpoint . However with lsof -i command I found that port:3002 & port:3000 are running processes and http://localhost:3000/ gives the typical 404 : root not found error with list af all the existing-endpoint but hitting any endpoint gives HTTP STATUS CODE 502 (BAD GATEWAY) and nothing gets print on console as well