API Gateway V2 - Route not found / Routes not being deployed

Hey guys,

I’m currently running into an issue where my routes aren’t always getting deployed to the stage on my API Gateway V2.

We are using shared gateways for our services and importing the Gateway ID. I get no errors from serverless or cloud formation but if I have 4 route/lambdas in a service sometimes only 2/4 1/4 etc will actually get published to the stage and will say “not found” when being hit.

If you look at the Gateway itself in the AWS console, you can see that the routes have been added and their authorizer/integration has been assigned but still the “not found” message comes up.

If I do a manual deploy to my stage from the aws console the routes start to work.

Anyone else running into this?


Framework Core: 2.8.0
Plugin: 4.1.1
SDK: 2.3.2
Components: 3.2.7