Serverless Domain Manager Error: Unable to fetch information about

Hi there ,
I’m reading about custom domain and try to use it , but getting this error :
Serverless: [AWS apigatewayv2 403 3.044s 0 retries] getDomainName({ DomainName: ‘’ })

  Error --------------------------------------------------
  Error: Unable to fetch information about
      at APIGatewayWrapper.<anonymous> (/Users/../node_modules/serverless-domain-manager/dist/src/aws/api-gateway-wrapper.js:112:27)
      at Generator.throw (<anonymous>)
      at rejected (/../node_modules/serverless-domain-manager/dist/src/aws/api-gateway-wrapper.js:6:65)
      at process._tickCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:68:7)

here is my custom configuration:
basePath: api
certificateArn: arnid
createRoute53Record: true
endpointType: ‘regional’
securityPolicy: tls_1_2
apiType: rest
autoDomain: false
hostedZoneId: Z1I1XQT4F25333

What i did is :

  1. create custom domain in aws APi Gateway []
    2.create a dns record for to api-gateway endpoint
    3.i also grant full access of Route53 & api-gateway to responsible role.

Could any one help if i miss something?


Hey @seif , I seem to have run into the same problem - the code somehow works on my colleagues Linux machine, but throws an Error: Unable to fetch information about when I try to run it on a mac. Did you happen to figure it out by any chance?

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Unfortunately +1.

The plugin works on Debian and fails on MacOS. Any workarounds?

Hi @arenayen , No unfortunately i ignored using this plugin and i forgot to mention i’m also using Mac !

Hi @tomaszdudek , I’m also using mac !! it’s strange that problem related to client os !