Route 53 to ApiGateway setup with Serverless

Has anyone been able to use Serverless to automate the setup of a custom URL via Route 53 to point to the API Gateway created by Serverless? If you’ve done it I’d love to hear how, any pointers to documentation about it would be welcome (especially since I couldn’t find any).


Was just trying to figure this out myself. Any luck? Anyone else?

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Hi Jacob. Did you figure out how to solve this yet?

@h-marvin: Sorry we haven’t gotten around to answering this. The short answer is that you can’t just use Route53 to point to your custom domain as API Gateway requires SSL. You’ll need to configure a custom domain name in API Gateway. General docs are here.

There’s a serverless-domain-manager plugin that helps with this process. I haven’t had the chance to use it myself yet, but I’d be curious to hear if it works for you!