Serverless deploy parallel upload aws

Hi community,

We are using serverless with multi services using the new compose method.

Our CICD is running in a EC2 instance and so the deploy is also at this place. The upload is pretty fast but it is sequential 1 lambda by 1 lambda. I am wondering if it can be parallel or by batch of 10? Our lambda are not that huge but we have a lot of lambda and the sequential aspect really slow down the deploy while the bandwidth usage is really low.

I tried to find doc about it or even config/env var but without any success.
Do you know how to deploy in parallel?

Looking forward to your replies, thanks :pray:

You can leverage the concurrency settings in your serverless configuration file to speed up your deployment process and enable parallel uploads. Adjusting this value allows you to control the number of simultaneous Lambda function deployments. Try setting it to a higher value, like 10, to upload in batches. This should help you utilize your bandwidth efficiently and speed up the deployment.

Do you know some pieces of doc or example that do so? This would be of great value :pray: