Serverless AWS Batch Plugin - Create Batch Jobs as Easily as a Lambda Function

Hey guys,

I just wanted to share a plugin I’ve been working on that allows you to create and run batch jobs as easily as you can create and run lambda functions with the serverless framework.

I find that I often need to run long-running “batch processing” during the night (that can take several hours to run) that also need more storage or ram than a lambda function provides.

AWS Batch seems like the answer (especially with spot instances), but is a pain to setup and get running. So I created this plugin to make it as easy as creating a lambda function with the serverless framework.

Still not extremely well tested, but if anyone runs into any issues or has any other suggestions please let me know and I’ll be quick to investigate them


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Just started working with your plugin! It seems simple enough, I’ll let you know the results :slight_smile: