Serverless deploy failure <Secure transfer to storage accounts should be enabled>


Currently in the process of trying to deploy to Azure using sls deploy but it fails.

With the following serverless.yml configuration:

  name: azure
  region: West Europe
  runtime: nodejs14
  stage: dev
  os: linux
  resourceGroup: sls-weur-dev-<PROJECTNAME>-cloud-rg
    name: <PROJECTNAME>
    rollback: true
    container: deploymentartifacts
    runFromBlobUrl: true

but it fails with at the following step of deployment:

Serverless: -> Deploying ARM template...
Serverless: ---> Resource Group: sls-weur-dev-<PROJECTNAME>-cloud-rg
Serverless: ---> Deployment Name: slsweurdev<PROJECTNAME>-DEPLOYMENT-t1635774555151
Serverless: Listing deployments for resource group 'sls-weur-dev-<PROJECTNAME>-cloud-rg':
 Error ---------------------------------------------------
  Error: The template deployment failed because of policy violation. Please see details for more information.

And looking into the details i see the following line:
Secure transfer to storage accounts should be enabled

It’s a policy that this account needs to follow as a self made storage account cannot be created with that option disabled.

But how do i enable it for the sls deploy ARM template?

Kind regards,

Robbert Stevens