Serverless Components - AWS AppSync long deployment

I’m using the AWS AppSync serverless component found here. I’m running into an issue where deployments take longer than 1 or 2 minutes. In the beginning, deployments were consistently less than 30 seconds. As I started adding data sources and binding those sources with queries or mutations, I’ve noticed slight increases in deployment times. However, I expected this since most of the data sources are AWS Lambda functions.

It seems that deployments are stuck in a look of some sort. The schema file is about 4K in size, so nowhere near the limit of 1MB. I manually created a separate AppSync API to copy/paste the schema to make sure that it is valid. This new API accepts the schema which makes me believe its correct. I recently tried deploying the component and it kept failing the first time. It gave me an error stating that the schema was being updated. I performed another deployment right after and it went through without an issue. I tried another deployment just to see if it would still work after a successful one, but this is when it fails completely. It seems to be stuck in a loop of some sorts.

Nothing was changed between deployments. I added the --debug flag to it but that doesn’t provide anything useful as far as I can tell. The last successful output of the debug statement provides the AppSync role ARN.

Any help with this issue is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!