Serverless AWS credentials issue Node.js

Hello! I use serverless to deploy lambda to corporate aws account
I’m authorized locally in aws cli, so i assume that serverless is using this creds (otherwise i wouldn’t be able to deploy my function and resolve ssm variables)
But when function is invoked from aws it fails with Access Denied error. This error appears when function tries to perform upload in s3 bucket.
I logged process.env of this function and it appears that AWS keys are different from mine.
I’ve tried to explicitly set my keys in configuration but then deployment fails because that key names is reserved by aws.
So is there any way to pass my aws credentials to be used for my function? I assume that this happen because of different corporate account policies.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You!

Your local credentials are used by Serverless during deployment to create the AWS resources, but the permissions granted to you Lambda functions are those defined in provider.iamRoleStatements in your serverless.yml. See the Serverless Reference for details

  name: aws
    - Effect: Allow
          - "s3:PutObject"
           - ""
           - - "arn:aws:s3:::"
             - Ref: MyS3Bucket

Figured it out, Thank you so much!