Serverless and AWS accounts when collaborating


I am developing a service alongside a colleague. He has an AWS account where the service is deployed and created another account for me with the right permissions. He also has a serverless account with an application there, so he can deploy.

I whenever I tried to deploy, I got this error that said the application doesn’t exist. When I opened my serverless panel - indeed it didn’t exist. I only had one “test” application that I made beforehand. So I decided to changed app in the serverless.yml file to test and tried to deploy. Surprisingly, it worked.

My expectation was that I would be added as a collaborator in serverless and we would both manage the same app through different serverless accounts.

So I want to ask - do we need two separate serverless accounts with two separate applications that deploy from two separate AWS accounts? Is that the serverless workflow? The AWS accounts must be different, no doubt, but what about serverless? It seems to me that with two different accounts, we need to sync our applications that we deploy from and it would be easier if we had one account called “project” with a single application there and we log into that.

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