SEED - a fully configured CI/CD solution for Serverless projects

Hey guys, Frank here from We’ve been hard at work on something that we think will really help the Serverless community. It is called Seed ( and it is a service that helps teams build and deploy Serverless apps. We are currently releasing it as a public beta and we’d love for folks to try it and give us your feedback.

We’ve had a few questions in the past about setting up stages and CI/CD for Serverless. Seed does this and more in one easy to use service that needs no configuration or setup. You simply add the repo to your Serverless project and thats it. Features include:

  • git push to deploy
  • managing multiple stages
  • securely store secret environment variables
  • automatically run your tests
  • pre-package verified builds that can be promoted to production
  • one click rollback

You can read more about it and sign up for the beta at


Hey guys, just have a quick announcement to make. We added support for Pull Requests to SEED (

Pull requests made to your Serverless project get automatically built; deployed to their own stage; and get their own unique endpoint. And there is nothing to configure.

Sign up for our beta @ and give it a try!


I registered, but didn’t get any mail.

Second, please enable Auth0 or others that we can login via google, github, etc.

Just sent you an invite email.

Yeah good point! GitHub and Google are definitely on our list.

We added CloudFormation changeset review to SEED ( You can now review CF changes before deploying your Serverless project to production.

Love to hear what you guys think!