Resource creation error

I configured a custom authorizer in my serverless.yml file and assigned it to some functions.
However serverless is showing this cloud formation error:

13:09:54 UTC+0100 CREATE_FAILED AWS::IAM::Policy IamPolicyLambdaExecution Template error: LogGroup /aws/lambda/serverless-auth-service-dev-jwtAuthorizer doesn’t exist

This is the first time I’m deploying this service and cfLogs is set to true.

Any ideas?

Which version of Serverless are you using?
Could you show me serverless.yml?

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I’m using version 1.3.0 but I’ve solved the problem by renaming the authorizer…
This authorizer name was used in another serverless project (but the project was different so In fact it can be a bug since serverless creates different names by using the project + function names).

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