Region not in the llist of permitted regions

I wan to deploy my development version to ap-south-1. But using that region gives the following warning.

`Warned - Region "ap-south-1" not in list of permitted regions: ["us-east-1","us-east-2","us-west-2","eu-west-1","eu-west-2","ap-northeast-1","ap-southeast-1","ap-southeast-2","eu-central-1"]`

`      details:`

`      Limit the regions that can be used.`

As per the documentation of amazon,

The addition of these regions increases the availability of the AWS Serverless Application Repository, which offers region support for Asia Pacific (Mumbai, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo), Canada (Central), EU (Frankfurt, Ireland, London, Paris), South America (São Paulo), US West (N. California, Oregon), US East (N. Virginia, Ohio), and AWS GovCloud regions.

Which states that Serverless is available in the Asia Pacific (Mumbai: ap-south-1) region.

Does serverless-framework support ap-south-1?

Do I need to pass the allowed list manually to allow ap-south-1?