Help to add region!

We are really wanting to use serverless with an application we’re just starting, but it doesn’t seem to work in ap-northeast-2 (Korea). When deploying, it says “An error occurred while provisioning your stack: ApiGatewayRestApi
- Resource is not supported in this region.” Yet all the AWS infrastructure is there. Is this a simple fix? Can anybody please help us?? Thanks!

I can confirm this doesn’t work for me either in ap-northeast-2. It seems like the ApiGatewayRestApi resource is a distinct service/function, and not present in Seoul’s API GW or CloudFormation functionality.

I think you have to get in touch with AWS to fix this. Try raising a support request in your account?

Edit: Just to be clear, it’s not a Serverless issue.

Awesome thanks rowanu! Will just move to Singapore I think, works there.