Problems creating hello world

Newbie here, just installed version 1.13 and I’m trying to create the hello world app and I appeared to miss a step. It says to update the’ service’ property, but I can’t locate where it created the hello-world template. It ends up in a loop and I am getting an empty

Is it possible when you say creating the hello-world template that you’re referring to the cloudformation-template-create-stack.json file instead? Do I need to create a hello-world.html file and put it in a new directory to which the ‘service’ is pointing? I tried placing it in the serverless directory itself and it was deleted with the app crashing at …\AppData\Roaming\npm\node_modules\serverless\node_modules\glob\sync.js:341

Appreciate any help.


Hey Rick,

Did you install serverless globally on your machine? npm i serverless -g

Second question, what version of nodejs are you running?

Run node --version in the terminal to get what version you are currently running


Yes I installed Serverless globally. My current node.js version is 6.9.5


You will want to create a new folder and run the following command inside of that new folder:

serverless create --template hello-world

That will scaffold how a default API endpoint for you.

Then (from inside that same folder) you can deploy with

serverless deploy

There are no .html files required.

So from your terminal you can do:

# Make the directory
mkdir my-new-service

# change into the directory
cd my-new-service

# Create serverless hello world
serverless create --template hello-world

# Deploy it
serverless deploy

Make sure you have your AWS credentials setup on your machine.


That worked! I was referring to the document here (midway down the page)

Those instructions were missing your first two steps - that’s all I needed.