New Dashboard Empty

So I got the new dashboard that was rolled out; however, it is completely empty and showing 0 invocations. I have double checked the filters and that functions are actively being invoked. I have used the dashboard quite a bit in the past and it is not a new application nor deployment. Is there a setting or way to revert to the old dashboard or any guidance on how to troubleshoot the new dashboard? Is there something new required for the new dashboard to function?

Edit: Additional edit for clarity. These apps are deployed using either the console serverless deploy or the serverless ci/cd functionality with branch targets on github.


You need to add a NEW AWS integration to get monitoring up and running. You can do so here:<account_name>/settings/integrations. Which is different from the other Serverless Stack created for use in deployments.

“Providers remains the way to create connections to AWS for deployments. This specific stack is for allowing the new Dashboard monitoring backend to be able to provide metrics and logs for your invoked Lambda’s better than we could do before” From Serverless support.

We are still running into the following error when attempting to create the cloudformation stack via the integrations tab. It seems as if something to do with our previous integration is interfering with our ability to create the new stack required by the v2 of the dashboard.

CREATE_FAILED for ServerlessIntegrationStackReporter

Received response status [FAILED] from custom resource. Message returned: This AWS account is already integrated to another Serverless Console organization. An AWS account can only be connected to one Serverless Console Organization at a time. 

Can anyone from Serverless offer any insight?

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