Nesting Common AWS API Gateway Settings

I have two sets of routes, one group all prefixed with /admin and one all prefixed with /customer. All of the admin routes use the same authorization and have cors set to true. Same with the customer routes, all use the same authorization Cognito group and have cors set to true. Is there a way to nest these definitions so I don’t have to keep repeating these settings common to a group of routes?

I don’t think there’s any way to nest. The serverless.yml is a regular YAML file so you can probably use anchors to duplicate/inherit properties.

admin_settings: &admin_settings
  cors: true
  authorizer: admin_authorizer

customer_settings: &customer_settings
  cors: true
  authorizer: customer_authorizer

    <<: *admin_settings
    handler: admin.func1

    <<: *admin_settings
    handler: admin.func2

    <<: *customer_settings
    handler: customer.func1

    <<: *customer_settings
    handler: customer.func2

I’ve done something similar with environment variables but never with function handlers.