Api gateway cors - Headers not set

For some time now I have been manually changing the cors configuration in aws directly after deploying all my functions, at the beginning this was easy but now, after a lot of functions is becoming painful.

What I did at the beginning as set my function as
cors: true

When attempting to use the endpoint I got the error “Cors origin domain error”, So I just went to aws and it change it.

This is my serverless function
handler: bin/exe/user/authenticate
- ./**
- ./bin/exe/user/authenticate
- http:
path: /authenticate
method: post
- enabled: true
- origin: ‘*’
- headers:
- Access-Control-Allow-Origin
- Access-Control-Allow-Methods
- Access-Control-Allow-Headers
- Content-Type
- X-Amz-Date
- Authorization
- X-Api-Key
- X-Amz-Security-Token
- X-Amz-User-Agent

I would expect to be able to use the first three headers, on AWS Console Management, the endpoint was created correctly but when navigating to the OPTIONS > INTEGRATION RESPONSE, the Header Mappings only show the default header options : - Content-Type, X-Amz-Date, Authorization, X-Api-Key, X-Amz-Security-Token, X-Amz-User-Agent
But I am missing the first three headers I set on the serverless.yaml

Is there something I’m not setting up?

This is my serverless settings:
Framework Core: 2.2.0
Plugin: 4.0.4
SDK: 2.3.2
Components: 3.1.4