Need to understand how to handle large file uploads with API gateway

I want to make an API to upload large files into S3. Due to API gateway payload limit which is 10MB, we can not pass large files so I looked for other alternatives.
I found this one example which tells us to directly upload file to S3 using pre-signed URL. I still have a few questions about this scenario.
We will use aws-sdk on client-side or let’s say in cli and directly upload file to S3 and get pre-signed url.
I found one blog too which show the secure way to upload the file.
But in both of those examples where is the Body in which we will pass the actual buffer? I still don’t understand the way of doing it. For example let’s say we upload the file and for some time period we don’t use that url, it will expire. But the file will stay there. How do we remove it after the link expires?

Can someone explain the steps of doing the file upload?

Hi @parthpatwala, I published something on this topic this week.

I’m not sure if it answers all your questions, but at least some of them