Massive Update when an item has changed

I have created a table on dynamodb, it has 3 “sectors” the first part has workspace with its primary key, name and description. On the second part there are items of user information with its workspace information replicated from workspace sector and on the third part items of user_invitations with their workspace information replicated from workspace sector too, My doubt comes when I want to change the workspace name on its principal sector and I need to change workspace information on the others items as user or user_invitations, that needs to be implemented after the principal modify is executed. Which is the best practice I could follow?

I was thinking about implementing an update dynamo trigger and then put every changed information item on a queue so I execute a task that manipulate every message queue with item information in order to be changed. Is that correct?

Also I am running mi lambda locally with SAM, I don know how to create mi trigger and my queue with SAM in order to be tried locally.