Don't delete re-create DynamoDB when I sls remove/deploy


I am making frequent updates to my lambda functions/add new lambdas for different access to my DynamoDB table, but I rarely (if ever) update/modify my DynamoDB. The situation I want is that my DynamoDB table (and other databases) (i) doesn’t get destroyed if I run sls remove or (ii) doesn’t fail to deploy if I run sls deploy (will fail to deploy the serverless service as the dynamodb table already exists), unless I explicitly tell it to (maybe a switch along the command line like --updateStorage). Is there any way to get this kind of behavior?

Or should I be structuring my project differently? Should I not declare DynamoDB in my serverless.yml and manage it through the AWS console? My entire backend is very small today. Open to suggestions on how I should be structuring things.