Managing cognito pools and api gateway authorizer via serverless components


In the new component version of serverless, I can’t see a way to set up a cognito pool in code and have that be created. I’m not sure if I am missing something, but anything that I’ve tried doesn’t seem to work as the aws-cognito component doesn’t seem to be recognised as a “component” in serverless.yml. There doesn’t seem to be much documentation around this. So I have had to create the pool manually, which is not very nice at all.

In addition to this, I can’t seem to find good documentation for adding in an authorizer to an express app so that api gateway will use that authoriser. So I am having to have that in there manually too, which is really less than ideal as it is a critical security component.

Thoughts? It feels like there has been a shift in how serverless has architected things and everything is playing catch up, is that accurate?