Anyone have a good modern example of using a cognito user pool authorizer?


I’m an AWS noob and am trying to set up a cognito user pool as an authorizer for my api-gateway lambda.

As far as I can tell the docs talk about about setting up the pool as an event source and I have not found a way to configure api-gateway. I expected it to be something like the cors: true setting where I’d just say authorizer: myPool … but I can’t seem to find an example.

I’ve searched around but strangely have not found exactly what I need. I see the references to aws_iam, user groups, etc. but am not sure how to get to the user pool.

Does anyone know where in the docs I can find that or of a blog post or something explaining it?

Thanks in advance.


Little delayed in the response, hopefully you’ve figured this out since you posted, but I believe the answer you’re looking for can be found here. Scroll down to the part where it talks about the user pool.