Looking for fast way to generate a ui for CRUD microservices

if I have a bunch of CRUD microservices are there any ui frameworks out there that I could quickly use to generate a web app ?

building a react/angular app from scratch will takes ages

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Maybe this’ll help: https://github.com/gothinkster/angularjs-realworld-example-app/tree/master
Also see there page for a link to the live demo. It’s a production-ready Medium clone; the end product of this tutorial by thinksterIO:

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I don’t know if there are any ready-made CMS solutions, which you can just drop on top of your APIs. You’ll have to do some development, no matter what frameworks or technologies you choose.

@aristanoble’s suggestions are Angular-based.
Here are some for React:

thanks guys…

I also had an idea that perhaps I could change the scaffolding templates in a Ruby/Rails or Groovy/Grails app so that they call external services (i.e. my crud api gateways )rather than internal orm methods