Generate CRUD with DynamoDB

I need to frequently prototype a serverless API based on Lambda and DynamoDB.

Usually API has some entities (eg. Meeting entity) and some operations on them:

 - POST /meeting
 - GET   /meeting/{id}
 - PUT   /meeting/{id}
 - DELETE /meeting/{id}
 - GET /meeting   (to list all  meetings) 

For data layer I use DynamoDB.

I wonder if there’s some generator or library which conveniently allows to generate CRUD lambda apis like that? Or at least simplify or provide some best practices? (as I don’t want to reinvent the bicycle)

Thank you in advance.

Have a look at Serverless Components. From memory there’s a REST API component.

Thank you @buggy! Looks like it is this one:

I will try it later this week and will report results!