Locked out of Serverless account and unable to create a new one

I am looking to get admin support to help with account management. I deleted an old serverless account which was using GitHub sign-in. I am currently locked out of creating a fresh one. I am trying to create a fresh account with email/password I receive an error when trying to submit a username:

“Sorry, something went wrong. Please try another username.”

The request sent from the web portal returns with this error:
{“errorMessage”:“This email address (myEmail@fake.net) is already in use. If you already registered an account, sign in again using the same sign-in details. - Please contact support and provide this identifier to reference this issue - TZBS030K6SFD”}

Would love to get this resolved as soon as possible and I don’t know what my options are. any help or contact options to use instead of this forum would be appreciated.