Local Invoke does not support runtime nodejs6.10?


I’m trying to invoke my local nodejs function locally, I’m using the nodejs6.10 runtime in the yml (and run node version v6.10.3 on my computer)

When I run the command:
serverless invoke local --function hello --data "hello world"

I get the error:

    Serverless Error ---------------------------------------
    You can only invoke Node.js & Python functions locally.

But when I change it to “runtime: nodejs4.3” it work fines.

Does the local invoke not work with nodejs6.10?


What version of Serverless are you using? It seems to work with 1.12

I got this same error after upgrading to Node 6.10.2 with Serverless 1.8. Upgraded to Serverless 1.15 and it works as expected.

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All good now after upgrading to Serverless 1.15