Is serverless rest APIs good for Big project

I was thinking and searching but I am not able to find answer.

Should I go with serverless?

If yes
So I am not able to find how to reuse my code. And how to manage all that functions

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This stack works fine for practically all my needs. It runs the same locally as on multiple environments (dev/staging/prod). Those frameworks give me everything I need to create apps and API’s (security, middleware,serialization, db abstractions, logging, metrics, transactions, connection pooling etc). It’s easy to debug locally and remotely.
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It should be great imho. When you have a small team it allows you to do more. Just imagine what you can do further with big teams.

Just like this recommendation by David Welch written in the front page- “Built our platform on @goserverless with 2 engineers working nights and mornings for the first 14 months. Didn’t pay a dime until 16 months in, have scaled to 10+ employees w exp from 0 to senior, very agile w CI/CD, couldn’t have made a better choice.”

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